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exceptional consulting services

more than 20 years of professional and practical problem solving experience, to both the public and private sectors.


With a team of multi disciplined and highly qualified consultants of the highest caliber, we ensure the successful completion of projects based on functional and budgetary requirements.


Our core business is the provision of corrosion & metallurgical services and the development of management systems for the following industries;

  • Oil and Gas

  • Marine and ship building

  • Aerospace

  • Chemical, Pulp and paper

Corr-Met Founding

Global trends see companies’ moving away from operating and maintaining their own metallurgical departments and moving towards the services of experienced metallurgical consultants.


Mainly because these consultants have proven track records and are renowned for providing highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient supervision to support and enhance project execution.


These market forces and trends have prompted the founding of CORRMET in 2010.


CORRMET has complete access to facilities which include fully equipped metallographic and corrosion laboratories, capable of conducting all types of metallurgical failures and investigations.

Corr-Met Services

CORRMET offers vendor assessment, component manufacturing approvals, welding consultancy, corrosion failure analysis, consultation on material aspects relating to industries mentioned above.

From inception to completion, we are “hands-on” metallurgists who plan, execute and control projects backed by proactive planning with firsthand knowledge of our clients’ objectives.


Project budgets and rates are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance, as we are aware of the choice you have within the industry. Rest assured, our clients will receive our undivided and prompt attention.

Client Services

CORRMET focuses on diligent communication lines with clients to sustain a long-lasting and sustainable business relationship.


In accordance with best practices, we are set to meet our clients’ goals and are capable of solving metallurgical problems and the development of management systems.

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